Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A great day for sports!

The Vikings win on MNF, and the Twins play great in defeating the 2nd hottest team in baseball (after the Twins) in the Oakland A's... most of my time was spent watching the Vikings I must admit, as I wrote all about here, so I'll just take a quick look at tomorrow's pitching matchups.

By the way, the Twins are now 1.5 GB of the Tigers, and 1.5 games ahead of the Sox with 19 games remaining for the Twins to play. Starters for the 3 teams for Tuesday:

Minnesota: Matt Guerrier (0-0, 3.04) vs. Kirk Saarloos (Oakland)
Chicago: Mark Buehrle (12-12, 4.80) vs. Ervin Santana (Anaheim)
Detroit: Kenny Rogers (15-6, 3.91) vs. Vicente Padilla (Texas)