Saturday, August 12, 2006

Who are those guys?

A few days ago, the Twins were in the Wildcard lead, they were playing great baseball on the road, and things generally looked really good.

Three days later, they get shut out by a combination of Scott Downs, Brian Tallet, Brandon League, and Scott Schoeneweiss en route to a 4-0 loss which dropped them down to 3rd in the Wildcard standings and 2.5 games behind the White Sox.

Today Brad Radke gets the start, needing something similar to what he did last game to salvage at least 1 game of this 4-game series. Starting for the Blue Jays will be Shaun Marcum and his 4.81 ERA, which would seem to give the Twins the advantage.... but as we've seen this series, the pitching matchup doesn't matter. Twins just need to hit.

One thing is for sure, the Twins sure haven't looked like a playoff team so far in this series.