Monday, July 03, 2006

2 Twins invited to the All-Star Game

With the All-Star team rosters announced, 2 Twins have made the original roster - Johan Santana and Joe Mauer. These two were basically slam dunk picks - Santana is arguably the best pitcher in the MLB, and Mauer is the best catcher in the MLB, but I'm glad to see they're officially in.

As for this 32nd man business, as you probably know, Francisco Liriano is one of the 5 candidates for that, which you can vote on now. As you can tell from the very nice picture on Bat-Girl, Liriano deserves the spot! Vote for Francisco (more on him in the next post!)

Anyway, I just wanted to recognize the achievements of Johan Santana and Joe Mauer, two special player who make the Twins a fun team to watch. I'm sure they'll represent the Twins well in Pittsburgh, as well as Liriano if he can win the vote. So vote early and vote often for Francisco Liriano!