Thursday, July 13, 2006

Twins Midseason Awards

Now that we just passed the All-Star Break, I figured now was a good time to do some Midseason Twins Awards. So let's have at it:

Twins MVP: Joe Mauer - Justin Morneau has been especially studly lately, but no one can top the job Mauer has done offensively and defensively in the first half. His batting AVG is tops in the Majors, his OBP is far and away best on the team, and he is 2nd behind only Morneau in SLG %. Defensively, he's been a rock behind the plate. What's not to like?

Twins Cy Young: Johan Santana - This is obviously up for much debate with the way that Liriano has pitched this year, but I'd still give it to Johan. Despite the ERA difference, I think the fact that Johan has pitched 43 more innings than Liriano (through no fault of Francisco) makes him more valuable. Add in the high K rate, and very good K/BB ratio, and I'll go with Johan.

Twins ROY: Francisco Liriano - Next.

Minor League Hitter First-Half MVP: Alex Romero - He has struggled mightily in the 20 games since he got called up to AAA, but he was hitting very well in AA to start the year. In AA he had hit a few HR, but was also hitting doubles, drawing walks, and was dangerous on the basepaths with 15 steals. At only 22, it's hopefully just a matter of time before he can start to hit better at AAA and eventually make it to the Big Show.

Minor League Pitcher First-Half MVP: Kevin Slowey - His numbers in A were downright disgusting - 1.01 ERA, 11:1 K/BB ratio - before he got called up to New Britain. Now, in 3 starts, the ERA sits at 3.00, but that 17 strikeouts/1 BB suggests things are going just fine for the 22 year old.

Who are your picks?