Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wait.... 2 of 3 to the Royals?

Coming in, the Twins had lost 1 game in their previous 20. Coming out, they've lost 2 in 2 days.

So it is in the MLB, where momemtum can change at the drop of a hat. Instead of coasting into Texas sitting about 8 games back, they're 10 back of the Tigers and 8.5 back of the Sox, and up to some of their old tricks... poor pitching, inconsistent hitting.

That summed things up for the Twins in their 6-3 loss to the Royals. The Twins pitchers gave up 14 total hits, Radke could only go 5, and the bullpen gave up 3 runs (1 ER each for Crain, Reyes, and Rincon). Offensively, they grounded into 2 double plays, and only Luis Castillo and Jason Bartlett had multiple hit days, so they couldn't string anything together.

But enough about the game, becuase we don't really want to talk about that. The other big Twins news is that Boof Bonser was optioned down to Rochester, though his replacement has not been named yet. There are many options, as TBL's thinking Scott Baker, and Twinkie Town shows there is basically three options. But one thing is for sure... do not put Kyle Lohse in the rotation!!

The other big news for the Twins is that as of this writing, Francisco Liriano leads the balloting for the 32nd Man. Like the Nick & Nick Twins Blog, I'm optimistic about his chances because of all this attention from the media.

But it still needs to be said... VOTE FOR LIRIANO!

Twins will have the day off Thursday before heading to Texas for a 3-game set right before the break. Taking at least 2 of 3 is imperative, especially with Liriano on the hill Saturday and Johan on Sunday. Hopefully the luck will come back in the Twins favor!