Friday, July 07, 2006

AJ Pierzynski must be better than Francisco Liriano

Ok, obviously that's not how these things work (like, not at all), but still, this seems like some kind of joke.

As mentioned elsewhere, I would understand certainly if Travis Hafner got the final spot over Liriano - Hafner is after all the best hitter so far this year in the AL - but losing to Pierzynski sucks. I still like AJ, but there's no way he desevres this over Liriano (now, he should have just been on over Pudge... thanks fans!)

Liriano is, after all, 9-1 with a 1.99 ERA, and he's struck out 94 batters in 81.1 innings pitched. I've gone over that before. Let's look at Pierzynski's stats:

.325 AVG/.369 OBP/.454 SLG/6 HR and 29 RBI. As I said, not bad numbers by any means. But downright laughable when you compare them to Hafner. So let's do that, because everyone needs to laugh more.

Hafner's OBP is 92 points higher than AJ's, his slugging his 198 points higher than AJ's, and he has 19 more HR and 51 more RBI than Pierzynski. I mean, it's not even close.

But I suppose I just sound like a sore loser.

In a way though, this probably helps the Twins in the regular season, because it should allow Liriano to start the first game after the All-Star break, which he otherwise would not have been able to do (if he had pitched in the ASG). So he has that going for him, which is nice.

But still, it would have been nice to see another bright young star for the Twins playing in the Midseason Classic.